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Since the update in May. Things are decidedly different now with the C-virus threatening to hold us all in its dirty little mits once again. On television, or radio, there is hardly anything else other than talks about - yes, you've guessed .......Covid and, which way to react.

Panels, interviews, virologists, scientists, journalists, members of the public who don't seem to know what's going on, and everybody with something different to say or advise.


Anyway, we should all start being a bit more thoughtful and careful with our lives. Maybe, even this 'me, me, me' attitude will change a bit, although, I very much doubt it. The rich and arrogant will stay rich and arrogant, the fools will stay fools, the dictators will continue to fight tooth and nail to stay in power (latest of them a certain P-t-n) whatever it costs, and never relinquish their seats. And, the world will continue to turn even after there is nobody left on it.

For the planet this is better so.


Talking about all this, what the hell is happening in Brazil? Another dictator who is twisting and turning and glued to his seat, AND, Brazil's environmental minister suggesting . . 'now is the time to start cutting down more of Brazil's forestry because the world is too occupied with Corona and will not take any notice'.

Trump, forever in the news with his astounding naivity (NOT nativity). After the pic with the bible in his hand (it is reported that he has never gone to church unless the visit was tied to some sort of publicity action) let his picture be taken head and shoulders with the Lake Rushmore rock sculptures of the famous American presidents. Is there no end to this man's ego trip as he gradually sells the US down the tubes?






The photographic exhibition in the 'Landes Culture Centrum' LCC in Sulzbach-Rosenberg organised for JUNE 2020, in which I was to exhibit, has now been put off until sometime next year. Date uncertain at present.



This site contains an 'Instruments for Sale' section, examples of my photographic work, plus, various pieces of news about my music interests that I consider might be worth including here.

There is even an old VOLVO page. Something you all can really enjoy ! Okay then, if you don't . . . .

Underneath is a special e-mail address for anyone wanting to contact me regarding anything on this site. Only remains to say that any suspect mails, advertising, or stupid requests, will NOT be answered and  will be immediately wiped.

Contact. visual@john-winch.info   

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